Athletic Threads Spirit Jerseys

Our Spirit Jerseys are for those wanting to show their teams support for their children or fellow students. These Jerseys can be made with the school colors, and have a name embroidered or Heat Pressed onto the back, along with their numbers, or the graduating class year. These Jerseys are not just for supporting a sports team however, they can also be made for other activities such as Color Guard or Dancing.

Athletic Threads Spirit Jersey
Spirit Jerseys come in an assortment of colors and sizes, and are made mostly of polyester material. These Jerseys can also have glitter and Bling implemented into the design, adding an extra flare and shine to showing your support. Along with being Heat Pressed or embroidered, these Jerseys aren’t only just for showing your support, but are also fashionable.

These Jerseys can be made to specifically show your support to one player by having their name and number, or be general support, by putting the team name and mascot on the back.

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