Athletic Threads Services

Athletic Threads provides many different Services for your Products to allow for the specific look you want. Embroidery and Sewing, Heat Press and Screen Print, even Decals and Bling, we can customize your Products to fit your needs. Our staff can work with you on which products and services will best fit you, and our wide variety of products makes this easy to do.


Embroidery is when a pattern, design, or logo is stitched into a piece of clothing or other products. We can embroider simple designs, such as names, as well as complex designs, such as multi-colored logos. If you would like to learn more about embroidery, or order products with embroidery, click here.


Decals are sweet and simple: you send us a design, and we cut it out and after cutting out your design, all you have to do is apply it to your product. We can Decal your company logo or team mascot with the colors intact. Decals are for your cups, bags, banners, etc. If you would like to learn more about our Decals, or order products with Decals, click here.


“Bling” refers to the implementation of Rhinestones onto your design or clothing. Our Bling is most popular with out Letterman Jacket Patches and Heat Press products. We have a variety of stones to choose from, and they are easy to implement. If you would like to learn more about Bling, or order products with Bling, click here.

Heat Press

Heat Press is when we press a design on products using a machine called a Heat Press. The design is evenly applied to the clothing, since the heat press locks down and evenly distributes the heat to the design. Heat Press is an excellent option for anyone wanting to order products in a minimum quantity. If you would like to learn more about Heat Press, or order products with Heat Press, click here.

Screen Print

Screen Printing implements the use of transferring an image onto clothing through the use of a screen or mesh stretched on a frame with a stencil. The stencil applied to the screen determines the design, and this can be anything from an animal to a logo. If you would like to learn more about Screen Printing, or want to order products using Screen Printing, click here.