Athletic Threads Heat Press

Heat Press is a machine that allows us to fuse vinyl designs to fabric and products. We cut vinyl designs out to match our customer’s needs, and they get applied to the Heat Press at a high temperature. Heat Press is basically like a large iron, using pressure and heat to fuse the vinyl designs to the clothing.

The vinyl material we use for the designs is durable, and won’t go away in the wash. Heat Press is quick, durable, and the best option for anyone wanting to order products in a minimal quantity.

Athletic Threads Heat Press Station

Our Heat Press vinyl also gives many color options to our customers. Our vinyl can be solid color, layered color, and even be made in glitter or have a pattern such as Cheetah or Zebra. Heat Press is also a great option for Bling, and goes well with fluorescent vinyl colors.

Athletic Threads has provided Heat Press for 25 years, and we use this experience to help provide a consistent product for your order. If you are interested in ordering products with Heat Press, please call us at 281-373-9334 or fill out the form below.