Athletic Threads Bling

Athletic Threads can give your product added flare by adding Bling to it. Bling refers to the implementation of Rhinestones added to your clothing or design. Our Bling is most popular with our Spirit Jerseys and Letterman Jacket Patches.

Athletic Threads Cy-Ranch Bling

We have two different types of stones: Swarovski and Basic stones. Swarovski stones are stones that take in light better and shine more. Thye also have a brighter color, which helps accent colors for your products. Our Basic stones are exactly what you would expect. They are the Basic style stone, with good color, but less shine. These Basic stones work best for anyone adding a lot of Bling to their products.

Athletic Threads has provided Bling for many years, and our staff here at Athletic Threads can help you pick out which stones would work best for you. If you are interested in our Bling, please call 281-373-9334, or fill out the form below.